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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2012 1:30am-2:00am EST

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unions terrorists of hamas all we want is quiet and that was the goal of our operation just to provide. safety and stability in normal life to our citizens and we're really really hope that it will be quiet and the principle of this ceasefire is very simple quiet will be met with quiet in if it will be violated so israel will react again intensively in order to provide peace and security to its citizens that's what you were just at r t recently and you were asked about the proportionality of civilian casualties that you didn't really answer the question i wanted to see if you can answer it now or do you think that the proportionality of civilians killed was justified it means six dead in israel one civilian and one hundred sixty six dead in palestine mostly civilians well israel doesn't target civilians and if we heard civilians we see
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failure in it but you have to understand that hamas militants are must terrorists they hide behind civilians they fire rockets on our civilians from schools from hospitals they hide the rockets in hospitals in schools we see that the fire rockets from apartments of buildings so if we do not want civilians in gaza to be hurt we call upon civilians and we do it before every strike we call upon civilians they will not be around the terrorists but they will not let the terrorists to use them to use their houses to use this schools so believe me we do know that civilians but hamas targets civilians they see a victory in hurting civilians we're really sorry for any casualty but if hamas doesn't want casualties in gaza stop firing rockets in stop hiding in using their own severely. but alex i mean you say they are targeting terrorists how do
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you legitimize that statement when the democratically elected leadership is hamas and when that make all public areas hamas affiliated where people supposed to go to me it seems like it's just a way to justify bombing any building in sight and say well they should have known better so why people let the terrorists use them why people let the terrorists use their houses for rockets and for firing what do you want us to do you for tomorrow any terrorists will fire on your children from any house what would you do see we call before every strike i repeat before every strike we drop letters and we speak on the radio and we call upon civilians to get through to leave the places that can be. can be targeted and that's what happens if the terrorists use the civilians so if civilians don't want us to use them let
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police not let them use them in lead the control gaza if there really doesn't don't want to be heard that's the only reason and let them pressure from us not to fire rockets on israel enough to use them for firing these rockets we have to provide safety for our children and we target only but if. around but didn't leave the place yet we will do everything not to hurt them but unfortunately sometimes it happens because there are civilians but it doesn't loosen or just use them we call upon everybody to stop firing rockets and we call upon all the international community to pressure on calm us not to use civilians and unfortunately the international community is looking at condemnation at israel not necessarily gaza right now alex i mean what about what do you think about the international condemnation not just for killing so many civilians dozens of children in. this latest offensive but for violating international law by
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continuing to build settlements and the blockade against gaza excuse me why don't you condemn the rockets of knowledge children i didn't hear the know the reason any kind of blockade on gaza we don't block the we just blockade the weapons getting into gaza because these weapons then been fired on us and the thing can be imported into gather gaz and if it's not the weapon well any kind of material that can be created for weapons people get inside gaza from egypt how can you call a blockade the reason no blockade for anything which is not weapon so please stop the terror and the nobody will be hurt and when you asking us to condemn. what we can then we condemn it and we see a fairly when we heard civilians but i don't even know you condemning they fire rockets and our civilians we have to provide peace so our children stop firing in
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us who will be met by quiet simple as that ok i first of all i do condemn the killing of any civilians alex but when you're talking about there is no blockade and that you only don't allow things that are that could be construed as weapons i mean things like wheelchairs chocolate toys how can these things be considered weapons and then turn on reports from your own government so that you want to put palestinians on a diet to you know refrain from having a humanitarian crisis so when you hear things like that it definitely leads the international community to believe in something else but i wanted to specifically talk to you about media you said that you've targeted terrorists in gaza but as we know on sunday the r t office along with multiple other media organizations were bombed two days after this happened you wrote a letter to moscow's r.t. branch can you clear the air about what your intention was with this letter well first of all. we didn't target the press we targeted the
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of the equipment that was on the building that was. a mass of equipment used for propaganda for this surveillance we didn't hurt the building and we didn't hurt the press so you cannot say that we targeted the presby we don't target press and if you want i can even send you the video of this attack but only the antennas on the building were then d.s. i did send a letter with no any connection to that accident to moscow to say that i think that your coverage of this conflict of this operation was very very and sided one sided because we see how you ve casualties in gaza but you don't show casualties in israel we see how you speaking about the force that we are about our force about our operation but you don't speak about our need to use this force in
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order to just stop the rockets that's what i wrote in a really really hope that your channel will see the israeli casualties that is really plain but abdel viewers twelve years our cities well bombed under rocket attack and for the first time we use our force very very surgically targeting terrorists and then you come and say that we cannot use force because we cannot have any right to defend ourselves you know two thousand years jews didn't have any force to defend themselves and they were you know not wanted in any place on earth and we remember what was sixty years ago in europe so at the end we have a little piece of land and yet people don't let us leave you know just to work and to have high tech what. very we'll and then he will fire rockets and austin and act
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with together so we do have and we do have floors to pretend to provide safety for all children and we will do so as every normal state in the united states russia and every state in europe would do every father and every mother would do well alex first of all we have talked about the israelis who died we just said there were six israelis who died but i mean the proportionality is so extreme and you just said that you didn't target this building you just targeted something on top i mean i.d.f. spokesperson in a video of even admitted quote we obviously knew there were journalists in the building we were just showing as you were talking extensive damage to that media house the journalist tower one person's leg was actually blown off eight people injured so to say that no people were injured in that attack is completely erroneous but you know you're talking about using force alex i mean the
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proportionality is just so extreme it's just you know one hundred sixty six palestinians dead but let's talk about palestinian statehood which is coming out of bed once again this year why when you say that all you guys want to peace and you don't want to harm anyone why is there such aggressive rhetoric coming from high level cabinet officials within the israeli administration foreign minister lieberman suggested that you guys will topple the government if the international community votes to recognize palestine as a state. and then that and then he also said that he wants to bomb gaza back to the middle ages i want to remind you something we left gaza seven years ago seven years ago the reason no use really control on gaz of the reason no use really troops in gaza so why the people of gaza instead of firing rockets would not be. schools and gardens in theatres and cinemas while they put all these money in all
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this effort on firing rockets will last gather there is no invasion in gaza for seven years we already declared several times more than once described minister that we do except our c.n.n. state but palestinians doesn't accept that our state is a jewish state and they don't want to provide the security that we need we need to be a jewish state a homeland for jews a secure homeland for jews we're left gaza we left gasa in yet we have terror from gaza so where do we want us to do not to use force back to enforce them not to fire rockets unfortunately we have it unfortunately i repeat now we didn't target the building we targeted the antennas on the building and we didn't want to target the journalists believe me and if you really want all this violence to stop please
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god to come out and tell them to build a stalemate there to build schools and to build good lives for their people in gaza believe me i will come and volunteer for that instead of firing rockets on us while i'll fire rockets we will respond as simple as that i do apologise for any hurt but again we didn't target the journalists we just wanted to target them fellas we didn't target journalists and again if anybody was hurt we apologise. we apologize and you personally are invited to come to israel believe me you will be the best guest in israel come and see what we have suffered from for all these years from firing rockets again we do forbid for the materials to get in to gather that the terrorists use for weapons start firing start doing weapons and believe me everything will go. back for squirrels for children we believe me jews must the
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world jews love this family and children believe me we would like to see palestinians leave very good life but stop threatening and us and start building building life believe me israel's will help the r eight thank you very much alex. one other thing i told alex was you know it's really hard when you have a blockade to actually bring construction materials and he's saying you know build gardens one of the palestinians build schools and gardens well they can't do that with the lack of materials through this blockade unfortunately to cut the interview short because of severe time constraints there's a lot more that could've been said alex thank you for the apology for balmain artie's media office in gaza and maybe i'll take you up on the invitation to come to israel for a chance to speak to you face to face now if you like what you see so far go to our youtube channel youtube dot com slash breaking the set and subscribe i got a facebook page at facebook dot com slash break in the set to follow me on twitter
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at abby martin breaks my preaching for now but stay tuned to hear about the campaign to divest from companies that are profiting from israel next. and this is really going to take three months for charges three. three three. three. three. download free blown video for your media project free medio don carty dot com. please i'm. so. wealthy british style sun.
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start time t. don't come. just last week the associated students of u.c. irvine unanimously passed a divestment resolution making it a priority for their university to withdraw funds from the companies that profit from the israeli occupation so let's take a look at some of these companies caterpillar incorporated by supplying armored plated and weaponize bowl those are israel's able to continue with the destruction of palestinian homes veolia and environmental services this company profits from the construction an expansion of jewish only settlements by operating a landfill in the west bank exploiting palestinian natural resources to serve the settlements northrop grumman corp this defense company produced parts of the apache helicopters an f. sixteen aircraft used by israel against gaza during israel's assault in two thousand and eight motorola this tech giant profits from israel surveillance
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systems checkpoints and military camps in the west bank as well as communication systems of the israeli army. so to talk more about the campaign to divest i was joined earlier by anna balter the national organizer for u.s. campaign to end the israeli occupation i first asked her to explain what exactly divestment means. best man is essentially the opposite of investment the idea is to stop investing in this case corporations that profit from the israeli occupation and the incredible work of the students at u.c. irvine students for justice in palestine u.c. irvine chapter being just one dozens if not maybe over one hundred or hundreds now around the country that are working on campuses to end their campuses institutional complicity in the israeli occupation a u.c. irvine victory is actually one of several over the past couple of weeks and through their hard work they were able to actually convince much of the student population that it is not me interest it's not in the. sort of ethical fiber of
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their of their campus and now they are believed to be profiting from the bloodshed are the palestinian people and so they were able to pass this tremendous resolution calling on the university to divest and these corporations that are targeted have been the targets of campaigns now for in some cases over a decade and we're seeing really the culmination. of the culmination of hard work by people all around the country targeting caterpillar targeting some of the different corporations that you mentioned and we see that truly what was climbs it's seemingly impossible think something that seemed very much out of reach is now happening around the country a kind of domino effect that shows that israel's occupation and u.s. complicity in it is. well after and i think a lot of people at least americans like myself oh look at the know the occupation
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and feel so helpless because you know we're paying over three billion dollars of our tax dollars to fund the israeli military. and the occupation essentially and really this divestment and as if the so important for people to really take a nother role to protest these corporations are there any corporations that people should be looking out for and also these corporations have a stake in maintaining the ob occupation in terms of influencing on the u.s. government i know that there's a lot of corporate c.e.o.'s who sit on think tanks that also drop policy prescriptions you know about any sort of corporate influence and maintain this occupation and i'm sure and let me actually start by saying that is one of the things that so brilliant about the boycott divestment and sanctions p.d.s. is the acronym that you'll hear. more and more i think the b.d.s. movement really empowers people to take action the idea is that all of us are are able to and the complicity of ourselves personally in terms of our own of our investments our own choices in the kinds of products that we buy and i can tell you
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about a few of them has asked our institutions whether it's our universities or our our churches or other institutions in fact let me just say that the we divest campaign that's targeting many of these corporations is a nationwide coalesced coalition led effort to call on financial giant. which handles many retirement funds for campuses for churches or n.g.o.s for hospitals to divest from the israeli occupation and so in your town in your city there are probably dozens of client organization kind of companies. that are offering t.i.a. crash to their clients so there is something each and every person around this country each and every organisation to get involved in the divest campaign or the broader media and it's something that people can do instead of simply hearing outlets like you said so some of the corporations targeted are are you you mention many of the important ones caterpillar murder all of the old yet the only hewlett
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packard's another great one. very complacent in the israeli occupation and we're seeing more coalition led efforts to for example pledge that that our going to say she will not purchase our hewlett packard technology as long as you let accurate is complicit in the israeli occupation. another very important line is soda stream which is a settlement made product this is a product produced primarily in. illegal israeli settlement and what it does is it turns tap water into soda water basically and it's actually heavily marketed now in the holiday you know christmas shopping season and so there activists around the country and in fact around the world that are saying do not buy soda stream in during this shopping season and fact boycott it spread the word and what's very important about boycott is not simply to have a a laundry list of things that you personally won't buy but to use this as
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a ray of educating people about the israeli occupation about things and think do about the ways in which we are complicit through our military aid and to our own investments and purchasing there's actually a great new website it's your holiday so to street dot wordpress dot org where you can see some of the great resources that people around the country are using to speak out against sort of stream flyers etc you can write letters to the stores to ask some of these big chains whether it's macy's or nordstrom's or cosco just stop to stop selling these illegal products that are marketed as made in israel they don't they don't distinguish between what's made in israel which is what's made in settlements and so a lot of people who oppose the center and made it very inadvertently purchased its products in terms of actual complicity or. you know negotiations with the u.s. government caterpillar is actually an excellent example of
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a corporation that is not only providing weapons to the israeli government which. then provided the israeli government but it's been heavily complicit in. further and policies and so that's why i did it and it's a very big target it really it in my eyes it's us corporate complicity and b. is very. i was an a bolter of the national organizer for the u.s. campaign to end the israeli occupation. quote black friday guys you know the day when mindless consumers camped out in front of stores for days on end and trample each other to death just to save a couple hundred dollars on merchandise things like this that makes me so proud to be an american check out some of the most memorable black friday moments in recent years. the holiday shopping season got off to a violent start
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a temporary wal-mart worker was trampled to death by shoppers eager for post thanksgiving bargains seconds after the doors opened something went dangerously wrong. crazy black friday shoppers began piling up on each other. and black friday shopper is accused of using pepper spray at a wal-mart in los angeles police say the woman was trying to keep other people away from merchandise that she wanted to buy. revile human display you think that if you stop someone on the ground you'd stop to help them but this is america where people pepper spray and kill each other over the last tickle me elmo on the shelf what strikes me as the most interesting is that with thousands of people camping stampeding and even trampling over each other you would think that there would be a right cops present to keep the peace but no it's only for the people protesting capitalism not supporting it it's apparently unacceptable for occupy wall street
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protesters to camp on public sidewalks but not for consumer driven zombies to feed into the brainless materialistic culture that makes of american society but there is a light at the end of the tunnel here one of the biggest black friday shopping havens wal-mart saw its workers strike today after they were targeted for retaliation for speaking out about substandard work conditions in the company's first ever walkout that's about time while normal citizens are getting laid off left and right during this dragged out recession c.e.o.'s have been totally unaffected in fact they've been making out like bandits cornu a recent report by g.m. my ratings c.e.o.'s saw their pays by fifteen percent last year after twenty eight percent rise the year before meanwhile according to labor department workers saw their wages fall two percent in two thousand and eleven according to huffington post income inequality between c.e.o.'s and workers has consequently exploded with c.e.o.'s last year earning two hundred nine point four times more than workers
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compared to just twenty six point five times more in one nine hundred seventy eight mean c.e.o.'s are taking home a larger percentage of company gains so look guys these giant corporations don't care about their workers so i think it's time to stop buying from them this christmas i am for you buy local buy from independent artists musicians mom and pop stores in your neighborhood that's the real way to get your community to thrive because after all the most important way to vote is not at the ballot box it's with your wallet.
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war horse will give him a note so we have a lot of. groups. also are using the whole movie right enough to find out it was like when you had that marriage it wasn't. the smadi when i was fifteen years old you can't live there when and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun salute effective social changes can be the afghans themselves ask again men and women we believe i'm going to spy on them not to across. the patient it's a position and construction stuff people in the obama administration talking about
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how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan. in. the country going to be.


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